West Brisbane Community Centre

Greens call for a new Community Centre for Moggill Electorate and protection of Pullenvale Reserve

27 Oct 2020 for immediate release


Lawson McCane, Greens candidate for the State seat of Moggill in Brisbane’s west, confirmed his party’s support for a publicly funded community centre in the electorate to be managed by a newly established West Brisbane Community Trust, and also announced that the Greens would be willing to resume unused or disused private land for that purpose if no suitable public location could be found.

As part of the commitment, McCane also announced that the Greens would ensure the preservation of the Pullenvale Reserve, a site that has been mentioned as a potential Bridge Club location, with its management entrusted to the Australia Koala Foundation.

“For years, Moggill residents have been calling for community spaces more in line with the needs of the many highly valued and active groups in the area”, said Mr. McCane.

“Area residents will have heard about the inadequacy of the Brookfield Road premises for the burgeoning membership of the local Bridge Club, the Mens Shed, and E-waste, but not everyone will be aware of how much the supply of suitable spaces falls short of the demand from a much wider range of groups”.

“These groups provide extremely valuable services, but have quite diverse needs – from the accessibility and space necessary for our highly active Bridge Club, to the work-space, storage, and delivery requirements of the E-Waste group, and the myriad of meeting room requirements of local clubs and societies. They simply cannot all be met by our Electorate’s single public library, and there are very few other options.”

“If the Greens are in a position to influence the incoming Government, then a properly funded public community centre will be on our list, said Mr. McCane. 

“I will work with the community to identify the most appropriate location, and the Greens will resume land if current publicly-owned spaces don’t fit the bill.  For example, there are parcels of undeveloped vacant land such as that behind the Bellbowrie Shopping Centre that cry out for community use as their top priority.”

"Whilst one conception of this policy may be a replacement of the Bellbowrie Community Centre, lost in the 2011 floods and never replaced, the West Brisbane Community Trust would be charged with supporting community groups from Kholo all the way to Toowong" said Mr. McCane.

“We also commit to the preservation of the Pullenvale Reserve together with its habitat and heritage, and we propose to entrust its management to the Australian Koala Foundation.  This is in  keeping with the community’s overwhelming desire to promote wildlife conservation and to halt unnecessary development of green space”, he said.

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