My Platform 

My platform for West Brisbane and for Queensland is a simple one. I love our local area, and I feel blessed to be able to live here. Unfortunately, the world is changing rapidly, and West Brisbane is being left behind. If elected, my driving principles would be to ensure we can continue to live the life we are so lucky to enjoy. To do this, I believe we need to;

  • Protect our jobs
    With our jobs and homes plan, that will create 20,000 construction jobs across the state, supporting Queensland's third biggest industry and help us through Australia's current recession.

  • Protect our homes
    By staffing up our paid firefighters and starting a new initiative to pay our rural fire fighting volunteers so that we are ready for the next bushfire season.

  • Protect our economy
    With reforms to the financial and mining industries, who have been receiving government welfare from our tax dollars under the major parties. I believe that there are more responsible ways to spend our money than on handouts to multinational corporations.

  • Protect our way of life
    By ensuring that you and your family have access the kind of community based medical care that you are used to. Our plan is to ensure there is a bulk billing doctor in every community and to create a Queensland Pharmaceutical Company, that will run on a profit and will research and produce medicines to deal with pandemics such as Covid-19.

  • Protect our democracy
    By ensuring that we listen to the voices of voters and residents, and not corporate donors. Neither myself nor my party take corporate donations, which means that we are beholden only to the voters of our electorate. We strongly support reforms to electoral donation laws to crack down on corruption and waste.

  • Protect our environment
    By ensuring that we take real action on climate change, leading to jobs, research, and technical skills right here in Queensland. 

Over the coming months in the lead up to the State election in October, the Greens will be announcing bold, common sense policies as part of our plan for Queensland. This page will feature the new policies as they are announced. For a full list of Queensland Greens policies, visit the Queensland Greens website.

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Our Jobs

Our Jobs and Homes plan creates 20,000 jobs a year by building 100,000 public homes over four years. This will help protect Qld's 3rd biggest industry, construction, from the current economic recession.