About Lawson 

A West Brisbane local for over a decade, I first fell in love with this area when studying law, history and politics at UQ, and am protective of the things I cherish – our neighbourhood, my family and friends and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

I currently work in industrial relations with a focus on the Queensland Public Service, so I know how State Government works from inside and out.

I’m firmly anti-corruption and refuse corporate donations so I can represent your needs, not those of vested interests.

We’ve had too many unmet promises over too many elections. My promise is to be a loud and persistent voice for Moggill no matter who is in government and to support good policy ideas wherever they come from.

Above all, I want to champion the best ideas of our talented locals as your MP – and not be another party hack or donor’s proxy.

My every action will be guided by what’s in the interest of our community for the long term.

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