Protecting our families, our economy

 and our way of life. 

I believe that good politics is about listening to and representing our neighbours. That's why I am confident that if elected, I will be able to get the best deal for West Brisbane.

Our plan for Queensland includes:

  • Thousands of jobs in manufacturing, construction of public infrastructure and renewable energy.

  • An economic recovery plan where the Queensland government puts in the elbow grease and gets actively involved in producing goods and services here in our home state.

  • Fully funding state schools and helping parents afford the hidden costs of education such as laptops and project materials.

  • A public health system like we used to have, with a focus on local community health and preventative medicine, which means less strain on our emergency services.

  • A balanced budget that gets a better deal for Queenslanders and doesn't foist the costs of drought, bushfires, and a global pandemic onto working families or small business.

In brief, we’ve set our sights on creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and ensuring every Queenslander can live a good life.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of: